AP Government Key Decision on Corona Effect-Home Survey

Corona Effect: Another key decision by AP government – Home survey to find more victims.

The government, which has taken several steps to prevent coronal outbreaks in AP, has now launched a home survey.

The government, which found some quarantine aliens from different parts of the AP from abroad, ordered a home survey to expel them. The survey will be conducted today and tomorrow for two days in AP. They are then sent to Quarantine.

AP Government : Coronavirus Suspects

So far, about 300 samples have been tested for coronavirus fear. Another 14 samples are to come out. But so far, almost all of those admitted to hospitals with coronary symptoms are foreign travelers, and authorities are concerned about who has infected the coronavirus.

However, many were not fully detailed and were found to be in homes. The government hopes that the situation in the state will not be assessed unless it is carried out in detail.

A comprehensive survey from this ..

The government sent almost all the foreign travelers to Quarantine. Others are still in the Quarantine. Almost all of them are Air Travelers. But some of the neighboring states of Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad have boarded flights to and from there, there are corona features.

Not all of them came to Quarantine, though. This has to be precisely identified.

Whether or not the coronal symptoms are spreading along with them remains to be seen. With this, the government is preparing to conduct a home survey in the state, apart from the couple.

Survey with volunteers and Ashaworkers

There are nearly 3 lakh village and ward volunteers in the state. Along with them there are Ashaworkers in every village. A household survey will be conducted with the help of them. If anyone with coronal symptoms goes home, they can take their details and take them to hospitals with the help of the authorities.

There is no coronation after the Quarantine, but they are sent back home. CM Jagan ordered the entire process to be completed by tomorrow. Volunteers and hopefuls run to find corona victims on the clouds.

To create awareness ..

As part of a survey of the house currently underway in AP, the village volunteers and aspirants who visit each house, along with the corona victims, take all the details of the house. Based on these, a data base is also made.

Volunteers who go to the homes will take in the details of coronary features and educate the public on the prevention of outbreaks. The survey is expected to be of two types.

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