Coronavirus live update-Cannot Stop Dating and love

There is a coronavirus live update that cannot stop dating and love …!

Coronavirus live update!!!

Coronavirus is the current name for any person in the world who is trending or asking a viral topic.

his is because the pandemic was born in Wuhan, China and spread rapidly throughout the world. The impact was especially high for the Italians.

Still thousands of people have been infected by this corona demon. In that country, corpses are accumulating as pits. All the governments of the world summit are taking drastic measures.

Almost every country is heading towards a lockdown. Suggesting that all people should be at home. It also ordered the closure of schools, colleges, universities and offices.

Even in America, the situation is getting worse day by day. Thousands of fresh coronavirus positive cases live update have been reported. All these things aside, nobody wants to be at home every day.

Coronavirus live update-Cannot Stop Dating and love

Sounds very irritating. However, in order to divert from this, some people perform songs, such as competitions or exercises or dancing.

Still others go alone to the balcony and sing songs. But there are still some indoor games to be played. All these things aside, this lock down for lovers is becoming very difficult.

It is also affecting their love life. But some American students have found a new way to alleviate the suffering of these lovers. Let’s find out now.

Not to affect love ..

The coronavirus live update, which is disruptive to normal life, is also affecting the love life of youth.

But two students from Yale in the US also found a way to avoid it. According to Elite Daily News, Patricia Gosarka told her friend Ileana Valdez to create a zoom dating website.

Create new app ..

After a few hours of effort, they created a new app called ‘Love Over Zoom’. In this application, college students can start dating in video chat. The idea started at midnight on March 12, and by March 13, more than 2,200 students had signed up.

With the help of Google ..

A new app called Love Over Zoom works similar to Google. College students log in via email. You can make friends with whomever you like. After that, dating and love can also. Are you afraid to be alone? Don’t be afraid, Zoom keeps us together.

However, there have been many memes on this. Gorksa told Elite Daily that many students have created memes about how zoom is slowly taking over our lives.

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