Medical Experts Says Organs Failure With Coronavirus-Covid-19

How the Coronavirus (Covid-19)  attack the respiratory system

medical experts says It is caused by coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 in the heme group in hemoglobin in red blood cells due to chemical action in the body.

It then begins to have an impact on the normal breathing process.

In the normal breathing process, hemoglobin releases carbon dioxide through the lungs.

The same lungs supply oxygen to the body through the blood.

Only 15 percent of Covid-19 patients require hospital treatment, an ICU, an oxygen supply or a ventilator, say medical experts and officials.

One out of every six people with coronary artery disease has severe illness and difficulty breathing.

In many young people, coronavirus symptoms do not manifest or have little effect.

This is because of the fact that the coronavirus is not generally harmed by young and healthy young people.

However, the severity of it is higher among people who already have some health problem.

In such patients, it may lead to hypoxia.

Effect on hemoglobin .. Organs failure ..

Medical Experts Says Organs Failure With Coronavirus-Covid-19

In patients infected with corona, the virus blocks the hemoglobin that releases carbon dioxide in the body and provides oxygen.

Patient has trouble breathing.

The blood gradually stops receiving oxygen.

Generally, a healthy man has up to 95 percent oxygen in the body. According to The Lancet report, it drops from 60 to 50 percent of the Covid-19 patient.

Under such conditions, many organs in the body cannot get oxygen and become dysfunctional.

Thus, most of the Covid-19 patients die from respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) rather than heart attack, kidney failure, and other complications.

Due to lack of oxygen in the body of the patient .

Medical experts Of these cases, 53 per cent died of respiratory problems. Another 33 percent died from these two causes.

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