The Number Of Corona Cases WorldWide News-87 Lakh Cases

The World at Risk … More than 87 Lakh Cases

Corona Cases WorldWide News

The world is now heading into the danger zone. The growing number of corona cases is trembling day by day.

The WHO has already issued several warnings, including several changes. There are concerns that millions of cases are growing every day and that the future is in danger.

The number of corona cases worldwide is 87,65,303

Worldwide, and the number of deaths due to corona so far was 4,62,678. In terms of corona active cases, 36,74,791 cases were reported. It is alarming that more than one million cases are registered worldwide every day. A large number of cases are reported in the US, South Asia and the East.

Corona cases in the US 22,97,190

USA ranks first in corona cases worldwide. Corona has created worse conditions in America. Corona shakes the superpower America.

The Number Of Corona Cases WorldWide News-87 Lakh Cases

There are 22, 97,190 cases of corona in the USA. Corona deaths were 1,21,407. The US is the largest corona-affected country in the world. Next up is Brazil.

In third place is Russia. In fourth place is India

Russia has the third highest number of reported cases in the world with 5,69,063 cases. Corona deaths were 7,841. India ranks next to Russia.

India currently ranks fourth in corona cases. According to the World Meter, 3,95,812 corona cases have been reported so far, with 12,970 deaths.

According to the World Meter, coronary deaths are higher in India, which ranks fourth, compared to third-ranked Russia.

Will the world fail at Corona Control? Be-Careful

The World Health Organization is warning that conditions are worsening day by day and that the world is on the brink of further danger. However, there is no country with no corona control. If this is the official list, it is a matter of concern that there are many more corona victims worldwide.

However, the latest situation is telling the world that everyone should be mindful of personal safety and health care.