Visakhapatnam Gas leak Incident Three dead Hundreds sick

Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Incident, three dead, hundreds sick

Visakhapatnam Gas Leak

Three locals died in the crash. Two of them fell into the well without finding their eyes due to a gas leak.

Gas leak hazard in the Vishaka LG polymers industry has filled the tragedy.

Some birds are dead. Hundreds of people around the industry are sick .. They are being rushed to hospitals. Many people were trapped inside their homes after the nightfall. The police and local youth are cracking open the doors.

Visakhapatnam Gas leak Incident Three dead Hundreds sick

The District Collector and Commissioner spoke on the phone and inquired about the details.

The Collector and the authorities have been instructed to take appropriate action in the affected areas. On the other hand, local MLA Ganababu, Collector Vinay Chand and Commissioner of Police Meena reached there.

Located in the city of Gopalapatnam, RR Venkatapuram, the LG Polymers industry has spread over 3 km of the chemical gas leak. A lot of people came down the road and the situation got worse.

People from the surrounding areas are moving from their homes. Meghadri is going to bed.

However, most of the victims of the gas attack are women and children. The cause of the accident is unknown.


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