Wearing Mask For Long Time causes These Problems in the Skin

The coronavirus spread from China is vibrating worldwide. Coronavirus infection spreads across 187 countries.

Wearing mask for long time causes these problems in the skin, so these tips work

The virus has infected 35.84 million people worldwide and has killed 2.51 million people.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed 46000 and the death toll has reached 1568. Scientists around the world are discovering a vaccine for covid-19.

But the treatment of the disease has not yet been discovered. In such a situation, wearing masks to prevent coronavirus is the biggest cure.

Wearing Mask For Long Time causes These Problems in the Skin

To prevent coronavirus, frequent washing of hands and masks is the only remedy.

People wear masks because of coronavirus. Wearing masks for a long time can also cause a variety of skin problems.

Inflammation, scratches and stains on the skin on the face. Wearing long masks is also harmful. how to get rid of these problems.

It is important to wear a mask to prevent corona virus. To overcome all these difficulties, drink as much water as possible. Skin is hydrated by drinking water.

You can also boil water and add basil leaves to cool down, which will not only hydrate the skin but also boost your immunity.

Wearing a mask will help to get rid of inflammation and rashes on the face with water.

20 minutes before wearing the mask, apply face cream. You can also use antibacterial cream, which reduces irritation and rashes on the face.

Rinse hands after removing the mask, wash face with antibacterial face wash after hand wash or sanitizer, and then apply Vaseline on the face. This makes the face mask easy.

People who have a lot of sweat on their skin before they mask, rinse their skin properly and use an oil free cream.

The use of oil free cream helps to reduce sweat on the face. Explain that wearing mask on sweaty skin can cause more skin problems.

So before wearing the mask, use an oil free cream after washing thoroughly. If you are out of danger, do not remove the face mask at all and use a sanitizer frequently.

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