World Health Organization Warns Against Coronavirus pays a hefty price

Making a mistake, pays a hefty price: WHO warns against Corona

World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a serious warning to countries that have been negligent in dealing with the corona pandemic.

On Wednesday, it became clear that the world would face longstanding problems if it ignored the fight against Corona.

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Some countries ..

WHO(World Health Organization) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday that many countries are moving forward with the right plan to deal with corona, while some are acting recklessly.

Carelessness has been the cause of coronal outbreaks and deaths in Africa and the Americas.

Even if alerted ..
On January 30, the UN Health Agency recalled the imposition of Global Emergency.

Tedros has been criticized by several countries, including the US, for not warning the world about Corona.

World Health Organization Warns Against Coronavirus pays a hefty price

However, Tedros commented that many countries have acted negligently when they were alerted.

Making a mistake is a huge value ..
Tedros said at a conference in Geneva that coronavirus is currently on the decline in Europe.

However, in Africa, Central, South America and Eastern Europe, the coronavirus is spreading.

Many countries are now suffering from corona, while others are recovering from corona.

Tedros has warned the world that any mistake that has been made will have to be paid in time.

So far, there have been 1,75,000 corona deaths worldwide.

About 2.5 million people are hospitalized for coronary artery disease.

The WHO(World Health Organization) said Corona has played its part in regulation. It was once again reminded that countries have been alerted to the imposition of global emergency in January.

Several countries commented that they were not alerted at the right time.

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