Diesel Price Higher Than Petrol Now 18th Day Increase

Fuel prices rose for the 18th consecutive day (Wednesday)

Diesel price higher than petrol now, 18th day increase!

But today the price of petrol has not increased. But diesel prices went up by 48 paise.

Oil companies have not reviewed prices for nearly three months due to the lockdown.

The review started from June 7th. Petrol and diesel prices have been increasing every day since then. Petrol prices have not risen for the first time today. Is stable.

Diesel prices are more expensive than petrol in the national capital of Delhi, as the price of petrol is not rising today and diesel prices have increased by nearly half.

Diesel Price Higher Than Petrol Now 18th Day Increase

The price of a liter petrol in Delhi is Rs 79.76. The price of a liter diesel is Rs 79.88. Fuel prices in Delhi also hit close

According to government data, the difference between petrol and diesel in 2012 is over.

The price of a liter of petrol in Delhi on June 18, 2012 was Rs. In Mumbai on June 28, 2012, the liter of petrol was Rs.76.45 and diesel was Rs.45.28.

But since then the gap between petrol and diesel has been reduced. The price of petrol now exceeds that of Delhi.

Crude oil prices are rising in the international market. International benchmark Brent crude for delivery on Tuesday traded 1.74% higher at $ 43.83 a barrel.

The international community is liberating from the shutdown. Fuel prices are rising as economic activity gradually picks up.