Like Today’s Gold Price International Market-How Much Increased

Like today’s gold prices, how much have they increased?

Gold Price International Market

Gold August futures are down slightly today (Monday, June 1). August Gold contracts fell 0.18 per cent to Rs 47,018 at 9.30 am on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX).

The price of silver, however, has gone up. Silver futures rose 0.6 per cent to Rs 50,409 on the MCX. 1,600,

Gold Price International Market Chart

In the open market, the price of gold has increased marginally. In Hyderabad, gold price on Monday rose by 22 carat to 10 grams. The price of 24 carat gold also rose by nearly Rs 49,150. 1550 per kg of silver.

By 2020, so far

In the international market, spot gold rose 0.8 per cent to $ 1,739.75. US gold futures rose 0.1 percent to $ 1,752.60 an ounce. Silver rose 2 percent to $ 18.20 an ounce.

This is the first time the price will be announced from February 26th. Gold reserves at the world’s largest global backed exchange-traded fund SPDR Gold Trust rose 0.3 per cent to 1,123.14 tonnes on Friday.

Gold price in the international market rose $ 57 an ounce in May to 1,731 on Friday

It raised $ 155 in three months. In 2020 it has so far raised $ 228.

Like Today's Gold Price International Market-How Much Increased

International instability

Racial tensions in America are hitting market sentiment. Recently, a policeman, George Floyd, died of a leg injury. This has led to protests in the US. Corona cases, on the other hand, are on the rise. Volatility in the US is having an impact on the market.

The Chinese and Hong Kong governments have reacted to Trump’s remarks that they would end the status of the country if China imposed new ethnic security laws on Hong Kong. Investors are looking for gold as internationally difficult and volatile conditions continue.

We need to focus on international developments

Market experts say gold could hit a correction of Rs 46,263 if the August contract does not reach Rs 47,607 this week. They say this stop can be traded at LOS for long-term investments. Long positions between Rs 47,608 and Rs 47,858 are getting rid of. It is good to keep an eye on international developments.

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