Medical Students AP Praised Jaganmohan Reddy As a Legendry CM

Medical Students Didn’t expect to return from Bangladesh

Medical students From AP who were stranded in Bangladesh due to the lockdown, returned to the state after 50 days.

Thirteen students, who boarded a flight from Bangladesh to Chennai airport, were evacuated by AP officials to Nellore.

There they were placed in the quarantines of a hotel. The students told the witness about the problems they faced in Bangladesh due to the lockdown and the initiative of the AP government.

He said that the coronation was panicked due to the halt in the country from the arrival of foreigners. When we heard that a lockdown was announced in India, we were concerned.

Students from many countries in our hostel went to their countries while Telugu students were stuck in Bangladesh.

We tried a lot for a plane ticket to India. If you buy tickets from Dhaka to Chennai, the Bangladesh government cancels them. The issue has been brought to the attention of the state government and we have explained it through Vande Bharat App.

Finally we boarded the plane from Dhaka to Chennai and took us.

Upon landing at the airport, the Nellore authorities rescued us and moved us to Nellore and placed us in quarantines. Star hotel and good nutrition. With the initiative of the state government we were able to come to the AP.

Medical Students AP Praised Jaganmohan Reddy As a Legendry CM

Medical Students Special thanks to CM YS Jagan and officials for their support

“There are more than 2,000 Andhras coming to the state from abroad,” State Government Advisor (Procurement Affairs) Venkat Upadapati said in a statement on Tuesday. CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Union Minister of State for External Affairs After several emails to Jaishankar, they will be sent directly to the state by Tuesday.

They will be tested and brought to Kovid-19 hospital for viral symptoms. The rest will be taken to the respective district for a 14-day quarantine.

NAD Junction (Visakha West): 314 passengers arrived at Visakha airport. 148 people arrived in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday at 8.45 pm. Of these, 87 were Visakha residents.

The flight from Manila arrived at 8.30 pm with 166 people on board. They were shifted to the districts after having special medical examinations.

Medical Students Slogan – The Best Cheif Minister Of Andhra Pradesh Y.S JaganMohan Reddy Sir

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