Startup Success Stories In India-Steps to Startup Business

Startup … Success! – How to make the first purchase free?

Real Facts of Startup success, Many people know not just like a business. But business is a wonderful way to benefit the world!

The industry you started to change, your family, customer, employees, and society will continue to expand.

I don’t hire just employees in my industry (I don’t hire). Rather, I am investing in them.

When I select employees, I only take into account their attitude. After that, I give them the training they need on the job and provide an environment where they can do the job better.

Most professional friends have asked me, ‘What if they don’t work after spending a lot of money and time?’ That is the case.

If you work with people for years without proper training, the price you will pay for them will be huge. ‘

It is impossible to properly satisfy customers with untrained employees. Not only that … it will give you the biggest headache in running the company.

The first sign is that employees are trained for a good business. He will grow the industry through them. It can create a conducive atmosphere for customers. Trained employees can be very helpful in fulfilling the dream of an entrepreneur.

They work in a cheerful mood. They would not have just worked for a salary. When they leave us they will take on more skills and experience. It will be useful for the rest of their lives.

Continuing to provide such an environment for employees is certainly not a financial expense. This will bring good benefits to the company and employees will move to another company.

It is an investment in some way to create a better working environment, rather than burdening them with a bad company. When your employees go out and start their own companies, you are the guide to them.

learned how to use Valuable Strategy in Startup Business and Insights Analysis of Business.

Entrepreneurs advertise as posters, leaflets, with no proper plan … 90% of the advertising costs of doing so are wasted. It’s almost like putting money in water.

Entrepreneurs think that marketing works better when they have Likes, Followers, and Engagement on the social network.

Where you can take the number of followers of your company and deposit in the bank … or pay the office rent or electricity bills with the number of Likes … then you will feel its authenticity.

Thomas Watson of IBM very easily said, “If there are no sales, then nothing.”

Marketing is all about selecting the right customers (Target Group) from the entire population, making your product or service Known, Like, Trust, and Buy it at no cost to you!

Are you an entrepreneur who tells love at first meeting? startup success

In the above marketing, a person becomes a customer at the 5th level. The customer who comes in this way will not leave you easily. He does not take the price of the product or service seriously. He will not exaggerate the small flaws. Attempting to get the customer in the first approach, advertising or otherwise, is the same as saying love at the first meeting and getting it.

Just think … getting a love affair at the first meeting is a very rare event … There are many companies that routinely try to sell in the first approach. The number of customers is very low. With each level of marketing, you can get a large number of customers.

Marketing Asset is essential for the continued return of the business! startup success
We know that a person has to have an asset in order to earn income continuously. It could be home rent, dividend through equity, bank, and other interest income. The asset is the basis for this series of returns.

Similarly, you can increase revenue by bringing in potential customers to your business. You need to create a marketing asset.

Startup Success Stories In India-Steps to Startup Business

A marketing asset is a video describing your product, a webinar, an e-mail that is always in contact, a printed book, a snail mail, and a telephone call. Such as Direct Meeting.

These will create awareness in your target market, motivate the customer and develop trust.

Marketing is done when you want to, when the time is up and sales are down, without creating a consistent marketing asset. Accessing the target market in this manner is not effective.

Marketing Overview That Changed My Life! startup success
One morning in 2014, I was chatting with a UK friend who was giving me business advice in the Middle East. I ran a clothing manufacturer and sales company. Even with the best quality, I couldn’t sell to more customers.

My consultant said, ‘How will your customers know that your service and quality is the best?’ said. startup success

His speech to me was a bit shocking.

Also described … `Because they don’t know how good your quality and service is. So the first important job is to do better marketing. Only then can customers in your target market get to know your company. Only the best marketing will ever succeed! ‘

It was as if I had hit a huge hammer on my head that day. Yes … a great service or quality product can only be used to keep the customer with you. It doesn’t help to buy first.

Entrepreneurs should consider the need for better marketing strategies for first-time buyers.

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