World Bank Has Announced Massive Funding For India

The World Bank Financial Organization has poured a second rainfall on our country for the second time

World Bank Praises India on lockdown, Strong enforcement of lockdown conditions across the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has announced a $ 1 billion financial aid to boost corona control measures.

The proposals were approved at a meeting of the Executive Board of Directors at the World Bank Headquarters.

This is the second time that the World Bank has announced massive funding for our country after the lockdown was announced.

World Bank Praise on Garib Kalyan Yojana

It is known that a billion dollars has been granted.

The Bank said the funds were being provided,

under the Social Protection Response Program to accelerate the country’s efforts to prevent corona outbreaks.

The World Bank has granted these funds in view of the financial assistance programs the central government is providing to the poor under Social Security under the current conditions of lockdown.

World Bank Has Announced Massive Funding For India

Grant in two stages

This amount, which has been approved by the Board of Executive Directors, will be granted to the Bank in two phases.

Both of these installments will be released within the current financial year.

The Bank has stated that the Indian government is working towards helping the poor during the lockdown.

It said the implementation of schemes such as Public Distribution System (PDS) and Director Benefit Transfer (DBT) would benefit the poor.

The coronavirus has been financially troubled but overcrowded, it said, to support the poor.

When financial resources stagnate

The Bank, which has claimed that the lockdown,

has halted all kinds of activity around the world and its impact on the Indian economy.

More than 90 per cent of the people in India are working in unorganized sectors,

and the measures taken by the Government of India to provide them with social security are admirable.

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