Case against Nagababu- Pawan Kalyan is a Sign of Silence

Nagababu Case Registered in OU

When the Chiranjeevi Praja Rajyam Party was formed in 2009, Gandhism was their ideal and socialism was their ideology.

After two years of merger in Congress, the party came to an end. The Janasena Party emerged from the mega compound in the form of Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan has commented on several platforms that Communist ideology is his favorite and Che Guevara is ideal for him.

He said he was a fan favorite and ideal of Indian politics. Pawan Kalyan’s association with the BJP has come as a surprise to many.

However, this does not come as a surprise to those who are vain-minded to seek a doctrinal position in contemporary politics.

However, after joining the saffron party, opinions are spreading that Pawan’s claim to be a political guru has made Pawan more vulnerable.

Whoever committed the murder will be a murderer ..

There are no exceptions. But the leader of the Janasena, Mega Brother Nagababu Gandhi was killed by Godse, whether or not ..

He said that there was no media at the time to argue against Godse.

Counting terrorist Kasab and Smuggler Veerappan on this count.

Case against Nagababu registered in OU

Politically, Nagababu’s comments have become a mess.

The last of the party’s own people, the Nagababu comments are not justified.

Criticism of how close to the BJP is so bad. Recently, a case has been registered against Nagababu.

The General Secretary of the TPCC state secretary Koturi Manivatarai complained at the Osmania University Police Station on Wednesday that he was insulting the patriotic Mahatma Gandhi.

Besides, Nagababu is said to have gotten mad and was rushed to a red-hot hospital.

He praised Godse for assassinating Gandhi on Twitter because the mood was not right.

Even if Nagababu tries to explain that Gandhi is more honorable than those who criticize him.

Nagababu’s comments on social media have come under heavy criticism.

Most importantly, netizens pawan kalyan are having questions.

Asked whether the Janasena regime ranged from Che Guevara to Godse.

Activists are worried that Pawan Kalyan’s silence on these criticisms and questions will be a plus for the party.

All along, Nagababu’s controversial comments are no longer open.

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