Latest Report on Corona Lockdown Most of the Sites Google

The whole world is shaking like a coronavirus

Latest Report Corona Lockdown is a good idea for those who watch most of the sites.

This has led many countries into lockdown dates. The central government has imposed a lock-down from March 23 last month to curb the coronavirus in our country.

However, as corona positive cases continue to rise, the lockdown was announced until May 3rd. However, it has announced that there will be some relaxation from the 20th.

Especially the guys don’t drop their smart phones at all. With night and day without difference.

But a survey of what is currently happening in the homes of many young people. Sensational issues emerge in that survey. You see that remarkable …

Latest Report and Survey on Google View sites

95 percent Porn sites, It is not known how people spend their time in other countries where the corona is locked down, but in our country there are many porn sites.

Not one .. not two .. 95 percent of the sites are the most visited.

5 percent sites, While 95% of Corona Lockdown users enjoy such sites, the other 5% view games and movies as the most.

Nowadays, with many people having a smart phone, many see the same thing. In today’s survey, most people do not have any work to do. This makes our country in the top place in the viewing of those sites.

Even though serials are now off on all TV channels .. Occasionally, old serials and boring movies are broadcast and many people are not interested.

The survey found that many people tend to look at blue films. But some news channels are over-looking.

New Porn sites, The tribe is watching a lot of new videos during the lockdown. As a matter of fact, our country has a high population.

The number of viewers of our country has increased exponentially.

60 percent increase.
The PornHub company has recently announced that it has seen an increase of 60% in viewing porn sites during the Corona Lockdown. The tribe enjoys watching videos of various angles as they have all the time they need right now.

latest report on Corona Cashing Sites .. Over 60% of people worldwide are currently out of work. Only 95 per cent of the viewership in our country will benefit them.

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