Smartphone Technology In Japan-That You Never See Before

A Nude picture camera, This is known as the Japan smartphone tech

Smartphone Technology, Tell people who don’t like a smartphone these days?

In this internet age, the smartphone has become a part of the body. Even if it is not for a moment, it is reacting to a forgotten heart.

Gone are the days when phones were just used for communication. They are now used more as cameras than phones.

After the TikTok trend, many videos have become popular among the masses. Everything is fine.

But there are some disadvantages to these phones.

This phone is very special

Some of the girl’s secluded moments are captured on the phone.

They are uploaded on porn sites. Growing technology is doing good on the one hand. Evil is making its presence felt like water.

Against this backdrop, Japan brought a phone like a sword.

You can take photos with this phone. Videos can also be taken. Want these features on all phones. But, here’s a little twist.

Naked photos are not acceptable

The phone’s name, ‘Tone e20’, continues to impress the current market with many features.

However, one of the key features is that it is now catching everyone’s attention.

This phone is not particularly useful for nude photographers.

Because this phone comes with Nude Photo Prevention System.

It does not help to take pictures of naked people. If taken, they are not saved in the gallery.

Smartphone Technology In Japan-That You Never See Before

Who benefits? with this smartphone technology

This is the first smartphone to come with this feature in the world.

However, when there are many types of phones in the market, questions arise as to why users only buy it.

Representatives of the company responded .. This is a phone made entirely for parents at home.

If you give this phone to your teenage children.

they can’t send their naked photos to others. However, it remains to be seen whether it controls only the photos.

The naked photos control system is all over the camera and it doesn’t control the downloaded photos from the internet.

These are the specifics of the phone Tone e20

The phone is currently only available in Japan. According to Indian currency, its price is Rs.12,907.

The phone comes with 3 sensor camera on the back, 8-megapixel selfie camera on the front, 6.2 inch HD, IPS LCD panel, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

It would be nice if all the companies introduced such phones.

We must appreciate the Japanese smartphone technology company idea.


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