Dangerous Bacteria Found In The Saliva Of Domesticated Dogs

Do you even have a pet in your house and lick you with love?

careful! These dangerous bacteria found in the saliva of domesticated dogs, can also result in death by licking

If this is the case then you need to be careful because it can be dangerous for you and your family’s health.

A bacteria found on the tongue of a pet dog or cat can be fatal for you. This is revealed by the team of some doctors from Germany.

According to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail, it was first reported in a medical journal published from Bremen, Germany.

According to this, the resin of pets contains a bacterium named Capnocytophaga canimorsus.

This bacteria can be dangerous for you. Generally, this bacteria enters your body through animal bites, but if the doctors agree, not only the bite but also the lick can also catch the victim.

In Germany, a 63-year-old man was licked by his pet dog, which spread the infection all over his body.

The victim had gangrene, pneumonia as well as a 106 degree fever. The man died after struggling in a hospital for two weeks.

Dangerous Bacteria from Dog’s Saliva

Dangerous Bacteria Found In The Saliva Of Domesticated Dogs

The first lashes on the face of the person licking the dog emerged.

The infection then spread through his veins to the legs. After this, it also engulfed the kidneys and liver. Due to the effect of bacteria, the blood in the blood cells has accumulated.

This caused rottenness in the victim’s skin. In the end, this person died of heart failure.

According to doctors, this bacterium usually affects people with weak immunity, but after this case, it has been proved that it can catch anyone. They say that if someone has a fever in the homes of pets, then seek medical help immediately.

What to keep in mind while taking dogs

Get the adult dog checked once every six months. At the same time, it is advisable to go to the vet several times for small dogs.

Take care of oral health

Oral health is a very important thing as it can spread many diseases and infections. If the dog has a dirty mouth, it can have many diseases. Therefore, it is important to clean his teeth.

Get vaccinated

Keep in mind that to keep your dog always active, plan his exercise. This will keep his immune system strong.

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