Hair loss Causes can be Affected by Improper Massage-Chemical Shampoo

Hair loss Causes can be Affected by Improper Massage-Chemical ShampooHair loss can be affected by improper massage

Hair loss causes

Oil massage for the hair gives the hair health and strength. But improper massage can affect the hair.

When rubbing oil, there is no need to rub all over your head. Keep your fingers dipped in the oil and then gently press into the hair. Or apply massage on the scalp with your fingers.

Improper massage can cause hair to fall. Pressure massage with fingers for 15 to 20 minutes to increase blood flow. This will help prevent hair loss.

There are two types of scalp massage. Effleurage and Patrizage.

Hair loss causes

Exfoliation is a massage to eliminate an argument in the hands. Patrizage is the rubbing of fingers on the scalp.

If the scalp is excessively oily, cotton swabs should be fixed. It is softer than fingers. It is better to use more oil than necessary. You need more shampoo to clean it.

Always get rid of hair problems before you massage your hair. That can lead to hair fall. Keep in mind that in the case of hair loss, the scalp is loose. So, massage is essential to strengthen the scalp.

Oily bristles have maximum benefits, but curly hairs have the potential to cause more harm than good. Turns out in two weeks. Frequent use of shampoo can remove the natural oils on the scalp, a chemical shampoo that can aggravate the scalp and damage the hair.

Choose effective oils for your scalp hair. For example, almond oil. It nourishes the hair. Prevents dandruff.

To take advantage of the oil, you have to give it time to absorb the oil. Wait at least 30 minutes before shampooing.

Don’t over-styling your hair.

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