How To Avoid From Diabetes and Sugar Diabetes Naturally

How many people know that depression can cause diabetes.

How to avoid from diabetes, Just think. Has the tiger chased you recently? It is the tension that drives you to your office every morning. When a tiger chases a primitive caveman, his body and mind get tense and the blood flow increases. Increases heart rate and secretes adrenaline. The body separates the blood from the digestive tract and injects it into the muscles, during which the digestive organs have no work.

The man who escapes the tiger is resting in the cave. After 20 minutes, his body returns to normal. You don’t know the difference between chasing a tiger to your body and running for office in a hurry, so you have the same mental tension that caveman has.

There is only one difference between you and the caveman. The caveman is resting. But you don’t have to rest. You rotate like a bumper all day. You seek out unhealthy foods, which reduces your body’s resistance. You are therefore prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The adrenal gland at the top of the kidney supplies all kinds of hormones to the body. Mental tension can make the adrenal gland tired. Therefore, mental fatigue is the cause of all kinds of illnesses.

How To Avoid From Diabetes and Sugar Diabetes Naturally

There is a lot of potential for people with diabetes, especially those with depression. When you know that you are suffering from diabetes, your thinking can be like this. It is doubtful whether we have the disease. We cannot accept it. Why do I only get so angry that this disease comes on? I beg the doctor, relatives or God to save me no matter how much it costs. Diabetes affects all parts of the body, stressing that I will not be alive for long. Well, accepting how to fix this.

What to do? and how to avoid from diabetes and how to avoid sugar diabetes

Set yourself around a cave to calm yourself down. Eat slowly and steadily and feel the food. Going to the office and listening to songs.

It is best to avoid using unnecessarily telephone and cell phones. Eat nutritious food on time. Learn how to handle time.

You have to realize that stress can also change hormones. For those with positive intentions, healing sooner. We cannot return yesterday. But we can determine the success or failure of the day.

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