Lemon Juice Nutrition Excessive Consumption of lemon is fatal

Lemon Juice Nutrition Excessive Consumption of lemon is fatalDo you know this .. excessive consumption of lemon juice nutrition is fatal

Everyone knows lemon juice nutrition are a good for health. It can be used in many home remedies in addition to curing a minor disease.

Studies show that drinking a little lemon juice in the morning can help burn body fat and prevent cancer.

If you do not know how many doses of lemon juice, risk, and overdose are not toxic! Here we can see how high consumption of lemon can affect health.

Lemons have acidic properties. According to some reports excessive lemon juice can affect our teeth, especially the tooth enamel! Lemon juice is beneficial but also has some side effects. Does drinking lemon juice hurt us? If you have doubts, read this article on the side effects of lemons and how you can be safe from it.

1. Tooth incision taking more lemon juice (nutrition)

In one study, a female patient (smoker) discussed the effect of frequent drinking of lemon juice on their teeth. Excessive lemon juice kills the acidity of the teeth.

Lemon juice, like other soft drinks, can have a devastating effect on teeth.

This is because acidic properties are common in both cases. Brushing your teeth after taking lemon juice can prevent tooth decay. Brushing twice a day can still give good results.

2. Due to sunstroke

Some studies claim that sunstroke can lead to blisters and black spots on your skin.

This condition caused by sunstroke is called phytophthora dermatitis. Chemicals called poisolens in lemon juice nutrition interact with sunlight and cause burns.

Another study suggests that taking citrus can increase the risk of melanoma (skin cancer)! This effect can be attributed to the presence of psoralenes in most citrus fruits.

3. worsens the mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcers are a form of oral ulcers. These can be mouth ulcers (or occur at the base of the gums) and can be very painful.

Some research suggests that citric acid may exacerbate mouth ulcers. How citric acid causes this is still unknown!

Citric acid in lemon juice nutrition can increase your pain. So, if you have a mouth ulcer, it is best not to eat lemons (or any citrus fruit). Use lemon juice once you have fully recovered.

4. Increases heartburn

Some research suggests that citrus fruits can cause heartburn or acid reflux. According to studies, most patients who visit doctors with similar gastrointestinal symptoms have been found to drink large amounts of citrus fruit and citrus fruit juices.

Ability of proteins

* Enzymes can activate pepsin, an enzyme in the stomach. This impairs the ability of proteins.

lime juice should be taken

one or two slices of lemon juice per day (about 120 ml) is safe.

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