Tips For Hair Dye At Home During Lockdown-Coronavirus Time

Tips For Hair Dye At Home During Lockdown-Coronavirus TimeDo You Have Hair Color At Home? Dude it’s Covid-19 time

Tips for hair dye at home, With curfew only allowed for the essential needs of human beings, no one cares about the hair dye.

The look of a man is a booster that boosts his confidence. Hair dye is also an important part of that list.

Today, when the beauty parlor and saloon are not functioning, people are starting to do hair cut first hair coloring at home.

Inadequately, they upload it on social networks. When it comes to hair dye, dermatologists specialists warn that some things need attention.

Dermatologist Ms. Rajendran explains four important things that hair dyers need to know at home.

Follow these tips for hair dye at home during lockdown.

Nature is the best!

It is best to use a combination of natural ingredients such as henna, auri leaf powder, Tea decoction.

Hair dyes available in stores are mixed with chemicals, such as paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which can lead to allergies, itching, flushing and hydration of the scalp. feel Whenever these allergies occur.

Having trouble accessing the doctor!

If allergies are caused by store-bought hair dyes, you should take pills and medications that control allergies with the doctor’s recommendation .

It is a difficult task to consult with dermatologists at Locktown.

If the doctor is able to access telemedicine, treatment can be taken. For those who want to avoid all these problems, it is best to switch to natural hairstyles.

Chemical-free hair dye! one of the best tips for hair dye at home

If natural dye is not available, PPD free hair dye can be purchased at stores.

Before applying the dye to the hair, rub it in the small area behind the ear and wait 10 minutes.

If the skin becomes red and irritated after 10 minutes, it means that it is allergic.

It should not be used then. If no problem occurs after 10 minutes, you can use it liberally.

People with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema should avoid all dyes.

Sinus disturbance

People with sinus disturbances can wear a henna or hair dye on their head and wait for a longer period of time to increase the moisture problem.

So those who have sinus disturbances should spend a lot of time on hair, not on hair. Dry fast without too much time with moisture.

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