China’s Economic Roots Hurt Maharashtra CM Pointed Out

China’s economic roots hurt, CM pointed out .. 3 major projects canceled

China’s economic

” We may wish for peace. But if the incarnation is insane, do you want to look? China seems to think that our goodness is a bad thing. Time to raise the eye and put it in the hand. Shiv Sena chief and Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said,

He has literally shown the old man. So far, only the central government has issued directives for the cancellation of contracts with Chinese companies.

The Maharashtra government recently held an Investment Seminar titled ‘Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0’ with a view to rebuilding the economy of the corona. Many companies from different countries have started to invest in it.

China's Economic Roots Hurt Maharashtra CM Pointed Out

Three large projects were signed with Chinese companies in the occupation. Shortly after the Maharashtra government signed the agreements on the 17th of this month ..

Chinese violence in the Galwan Valley has come to light. In a matter of days, the Great Government canceled contracts, shaking Chinese companies.

The Maharashtra government has canceled contracts with Chinese companies worth Rs 5,000 crore. They are as follows. 1.Though Rs 3,770 crores deal with Chinese giant automobile company Great Wall Motors (GWM) for setting up of auto manufacturing plant in Talegaon, Naples, 2.Containing unit with Chinese photon company Rs1000 crores to provide employment for two thousand people Rs 250 crore contract for expansion of Hengli Engineering Plant in Talegaon.

China’s economic roots hurt

Maharashtra Industries Minister Subhash Desai made a key statement on Monday saying that all three will be canceled at the behest of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

The Maharashtra government said it had canceled deals with Chinese companies in protest of the killing of 20 Indian jawans across the border.

The Ministry of Railways has ordered all departments to use domestic products as much as possible, while the Railways Department canceled a Rs 470 crore project with the Chinese company and the Telecom Department has decided not to use Chinese goods. The rest of the states of Maharashtra have not had the opportunity to review contracts with Chinese companies.