Chinese Government Addressing That Indian Citizens Use Tiktok Via VPN

The government of India has banned 59 apps from China in the country after 20 Indian soldiers were attacked and fired on the border

Tiktok Via VPN

India has announced that the decision has been made in view of the possibility of security concerns.

The Chinese government, as well as the Chinese people, are exposing the ban on their country’s apps.

Chinese government elders have said that the ban on their native apps is not the right decision. It will also have an impact on Chinese companies investing in India.

India’s ban on 59 apps has now become a hot topic in China. A similar topic is trending on Chinese social media.

The Chinese are looking for reasons why India has banned the original Chinese apps. There is a heated debate over this in the Chinese social media app Weibo. More than 63 million people are debating this as of Tuesday morning.

Some Chinese people are angry at India’s ban on 59 apps, Tiktok Via VPN

Chinese Government Addressing That Indian Citizens Use Tiktok Via VPN

The Chinese are not calling for any products from India. However, there are some who say that India-based products are nowhere in China.

Let’s also bicot India products. However, there is no Indian item in our house, ‘said one user. Another user responded similarly. He also searched for Indian products in his house.

Another Chinese user claims that Indian Citizens use Tiktok via VPN.

However, so far, China-related companies have not made any comments on the ban. The Chinese media, however, have expressed strong opposition to the Indian decision. China is also preparing to impose restrictions on Indian newspapers and electronic media in their country.

Information has been changed that the websites of Indian media in China will no longer be accessible only through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server.