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Washington News Corona virus is spreading in America

Donald Trump with Mask

Expanding scary. Strengthening day by day. Coronavirus positive cases are increasing by the hour.

In addition, there is an extraordinary increase in the number of deaths due to coronavirus. Already 1,37,403 people have died in America.

More than 33 million Americans are infected with the virus. America is already in turmoil due to the coronavirus.

Financially, Kudel has become. No other country in the world has suffered casualties at US level because of corona.

The extraordinary situation caused by this epidemic in America is frightening the rulers there. US President Donald Trump, who has so far been reluctant to wear the mask, has acted contrary to the past.

Donald Trump With The Mask First Time-ytosearch World News

Appeared with mask. This is the first time Donald Trump has appeared with a mask since the coronavirus began to spread.

He spoke to reporters shortly before leaving the White House.

He made it clear that he was not opposed to wearing a mask. This is not necessary. Trump said he was wearing a mask because what he was going to visit right now was a medical center.

Donald Trump said he would also visit the Bethesda Medical Facility Center in Maryland. Corona said it would consult frontline workers struggling to control the spread of the virus and instill self-confidence in them.

The highest number of corona positive cases was reported in New York. 4,26,807 cases came to light. 32,393 people died there.

American cities infected with corona ..

Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Louisiana.

This is the city with the highest number of deaths after New York. 7,026 people died of corona in California.

Deaths caused by the corona virus are being recorded in all cities.

This issue is troubling the Trump administration.

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