Earthquake Shakes China Xinjiang Province floods continue

Earthquake in China: Earthquake shakes China’s Xinjiang province, floods continue to wreak havoc

Earthquake Shakes China Strong earthquake tremors have been felt in China’s Xinjiang province this morning.

China Today, the tremors of the earthquake have been felt. Two earthquake tremors have been felt in China in the last two days. The tremors of the earthquake have been felt in China’s Xinjiang province today.

According to the China Earthquake Network Center (CENC), the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China’s northwestern region experienced a 5 magnitude quake on Monday morning at 9:28 AM.

The Earthquake Network Center of China (CENC) said that the epicenter of the earthquake has been found at a depth of 15 km at 44.42 degrees north latitude and 80.82 degrees east longitude.

Earthquake Shakes China

After the Corona virus, China is now wreaking havoc. Earthquake tremors were also felt in China on Sunday. There was a strong earthquake in northern Hebei province. According to officials, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Tangshan in north Hebei province of China.

More than 140 killed in floods in China

Floods continue with the earthquake in China these days. Media reports said on Monday that more than 140 people have died or are missing in floods since last month in China. The floods have affected 37 million people and damaged 28,000 homes.

China’s State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters on Sunday had increased emergency response to flood control from the third level to the second level. More than 2.33 lakh people have been transferred. China faced floods in 433 rivers. In which it tested some water barrage including the world’s largest three gorges dam. Because of this, there has been a huge devastation in China.