Latest Social Issue Pawan Kalyan Request To Jagan Government

Pawan Request To Jagan Sarkar Without Controversies-Viral on Social Media

Latest social issue-Pawan Kalyan, responding to the controversy over the disputes over the distribution of house rails to the poor.

Janasena objected to the allocation of land in Amaravati for deeds.

Pawan is not making a controversy between Amaravati farmers and the public.

Jagan Sarkar is ready to distribute house rails to 25 lakh people in AP.

Ugadi hopes to give deeds to eligible people across the state. Government officials are planning to locate the land around the state and prepare the land where necessary.

Latest Social Issue Pawan Kalyan Request To Jagan Government

Controversy has arisen in some districts over these places. Farmers are concerned that the authorities are encroaching on their land.

Controversy has arisen over the allocation of land to the residents of Amaravati and Guntur district and Vijayawada.

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan reacts to the latest social issue of a farmer who shook Chandrababu in Kuppam.

They were asked to look for disputes in the areas of house rails.

No one is wrong to allocate space for the homeless poor and homeless children

On the other hand, the farmers who gave land are making movements.

The decision to convert allotted lands, cemeteries and school grounds into homes, reveals that the government is not in favor of the scheme, said the Janasena chief.

The government is looking to shake hands with the beneficiaries’ land.

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