Ramdev Baba Releasing Patanjali Drug To Corona

Ramdev Baba releasing Patanjali drug to Corona .. cure of disease within three days!

There is no drug for the corona epidemic that is trembling the world.

The government is now promoting control as the only way, and when various companies are introducing corona medicine to the market, Ayurveda also has a drug called ‘Corona’ in Ayurveda.

He also congratulated the scientists and experts who worked on making these drugs.

Randev Baba has released the Ayurvedic Drug Kit on the market titled “Caroline”

Ramdev Baba, who launched the Ayurvedic Drug Kit in the market under the name of “Caroline”, said at a press conference in Haridwar that the corona could be cured with the drug.

Ramdev Baba, who said that it was important to bring the drug to the corona during a global outbreak with the coronavirus, said that the drug would be brought to market after a thorough examination of the clinical cases.

Ramdev Baba Releasing Patanjali Drug To Corona

Divine medicine that reduces corona … 100% resolution

Many have recovered from the effects of the drug within three days, said Randev Baba.

Ramdev Baba Releasing Patanjali Drug To Corona

Ramdev Baba stated that the treatment of coronel with Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Giloy is 100% effective when treated.

Patanjali Research Institute and the National Institute of Medical Sciences in Jaipur have jointly researched the drug.

Patanjali Ayurveda MD Acharya Balakrishna said that Ayurvedic remedy for coronal treatment has been given 100% favorable results during clinical trials on coronal and respiratory tract patients released to the market. This Ayurvedic medicine can cure corona patients in three to 14 days. The coronel kit is available in the market for Rs 545. The course will be of use for a month.

Ayurvedic medicine has been made available for the prevention of corona at very affordable prices to the general public.