Trump On the Underground In the Bunker for Defense Including Melania

Trump on the Underground: In the Bunker for Defense: Including Melania: Inferno on Antifa: Unsurprisingly

Washington world news:

Unprecedented developments are happening in America. US President Donald Trump is facing anti-racism in a way that nobody expected.

After the assassination of African American George Floyd, many cities in America were set on fire. All African Americans living in that country are united. Opposing demonstrations and protests.

Did Trump, his wife Melania Trump and son Baron Trump go into the bunker? Or not? Is not clear.

Foreign media reported that he and his family went into the bunker by the elevator. This was not confirmed by White House representatives.

Trump On the Underground In the Bunker for Defense Including Melania

Donald Trump came out after Trump spent about an hour and a half in the bunker, and is reportedly engaged in his day-to-day activities.

Large-scale protests continue in the United States following the assassination of George Floyd. These demonstrations have become increasingly violent. Leading to the destruction of public and private property.

Protesters are also attacking the police. All African American nationalities are united. Donald Trump has launched protests against the government and police officials.

Protests across America continue for three days. 28 states have experienced severe tensions. The protest hit the SEGA White House. Large numbers of American African protesters gathered at the White House.

Placards were displayed in protest of Trump. Surrounding the neighborhood with anti-slogans. Police had to use tear gas and flash bang devices to disperse them.

The use of tear gas in the vicinity of the White House is described as unusual. As a result, Donald Trump was forced into the underground bunker.

They were built under the White House for the protection of the president. The bunkers were built in such a way that the missiles were intercepted. From time to time, the US government allocates a budget to strengthen them.

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