Weather Report Kerala Warning for 6 districts-Current Climate

The major impact of the current climate in Kerala is the impact of the sun.

Weather Report Kerala, We have also issued warnings for 6 districts.

Kerala is a state of natural beauty. The state receives much greenery due to heavy rainfall.

But this year weather report Kerala, the current situation has changed drastically. The sun burns in many parts of the state.

Due to this, the public going out in the daytime is going through a severe situation.

Especially in the six districts of Alappuzha, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Pathanamthitta, the impact of the sun is very high.

As a result, we have issued a warning to these 6 districts.

The district administration has called for two-wheeler drivers to avoid daytime travel and to avoid daytime travel.

Heavy rain is expected in all six districts today.

Due to heavy rains, forests in Kerala are drying up. Wildfire is also spreading in many places.

Wildfire is spreading in many areas including the Nedumangadu, Karungulam and Kadukkulam areas.

Adivasi people living in the hill villages are suffering from this.

Weather Report Kerala Warning for 6 districts-Current Climate

Forest officials are embarking on a fire prevention campaign to prevent the spread of wildfire. Adivasis are also helping forest workers to put out the fire.

But in many places wildfire remains uncontrolled. Forest resources are destroyed. Due to the dryness of the hill area, the animals are also at risk of going into the Adivasi villages.

Two forest guards, Shankar (age 45) and Divakaran (48), who had already set fire to the wildfire in Guntur, Thrissur district, have lost their lives.

Velayutham, a forest employee, is being treated at the Thrissur Government Hospital.

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