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Startup With Unique Idea: Turn Your Talent & Passion into Business

Although every new business is a startup, here a startup means “starting your own business using your talent and technology/internet with a unique idea that has immense possibilities”.

Turn Your Talent Into Business

First, you have to analyze your talent and interest. You have to decide in which field you can do well. For example, if you are a teacher and you like to teach, then you can start your startup with a unique idea in the field of education.

After analyzing talent and interest, you have to think about a good business idea in the field of talent, which can solve the problems of ordinary people. What can you do that has some value and that can make people’s lives easier? While deciding a business idea, do not think at all about how you will transform your idea into a business. Initially pay attention to “how will”.

After deciding the Business Idea, now you have to make the initial model of your business. Under this, you will mainly have to decide Product / Service, Medium (medium to reach the customer) and Revenue Model.

Nowadays, life has become online and as fast as the Internet has changed the lives of people, it has never happened before. The ways of doing business have changed due to the internet and today, new start-ups using the internet are making people’s lives easier through their unique business ideas.

The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly in India and all over the world. Because of this, there are so many possibilities of doing online business using the internet and starting a start-up with new thinking which we cannot even imagine.

We can use the internet to take our existing business to new heights or to lay the foundation of a new business or start-up with our unique idea.

The main advantage of doing online business is that in a short time, you can start a great business fast with low investment. It is the magic of the Internet that Flipkart, an e-commerce company started in 2007, has not completed even ten years, whereas today the value of Flipkart is around 100,000 crores.

The value of Flipkart is almost four times that of Tata Steel.

Most people feel that to start an online business or a startup, technical knowledge of computers and programming is required, but this is not the case at all. Hundreds of such examples are filled in which people started with the common knowledge of computers and started crores of rupees e-commerce or online business companies.

Online Business Works To Make Money Online

Product or Service: The most important part of any business is the product or service. For example, Ytosearch product is “Quality Content”. When Google started, Google’s main product was the “search engine”. If someone provides online consultancy or coaching, then the main product or service of that business will be consultancy or coaching.

Way to earn money – Revenue Model: Every online business has a different Revenue Model, that is, the way to earn money is different. In Internet Business, many companies have their main product or service absolutely free but they make money indirectly using their brand, platform or data.

For example, product is “written content”, which any user can read for free. But we do Revenue Earn by displaying advertisements on our website. Similarly, the usage of all Google products is almost free and the main source of more than 90% Earning of Google is its advertising products – Google Adword and Google Adsense.