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I ADIGARLA NAVEEN KUMAR, Founder of  GRACE MONTESSORI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, Reg No: 851/16.# GRACE MONTESSORI SCHOOL, 4-62-78/1, beside forestry ice cream parlor, Lawson’s bay colony, Baba bazar down, Waltair Main road, VSP-17,

I started a  small school in 2016 at lawsons bay colony main road, we( our Society members i.e Dinesh, Lalitha, Pushpa, Jyothi) and Supporting Member Ytosearch Chairman CH. Nookaraju. We are providing the best education for some children and also providing transport for free of cost to those children who are living very near to beach i.e Jalaripeta, near waltair depot from last 4 years.

our society main motive is to provide the Best Education to poor children, who can not effort the minimum poverty line. from 2016 to till now our society members become teachers in school. Currently, we have 110 children in our educational society.

How we Help Poor Children and Homeless Children

  1. Health and Nutrition
  2. Education
  3. Child Protection
  4. Emergencies

We are seeking funds to run this Educational society further, kindly help us to run this society.

Recently Dinesh distributed some notebooks, pencil boxes and drawing sets to encourage kids, and he is coming to our school and teaching. and two more sirs are coming and teaching our children.
We are seeking funds. please help us. THANK YOU.

Our Theme is Free Education and Free Health Care for Poor Children and Homeless Children