5G Services China Has Recently Begun Work on 6G Technology

China, which launched 6G services

China is in the process of launching 5G services in the world, reports say. With the launch of 5G services in China not completed in a month, China has begun to embark on 6G services.

In some countries, China, Korea, Britain, and the United States, 5G services are available. Reliance Jio is in the process of providing 5G services in India. China is embarking on a technical review of the 6G service as experts are forced to take full advantage of the 5G service.

5G Services China Has Recently Begun Work on 6G Technology

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has announced that two committees have been set up to look into the launch of the 6G service. The first group of government experts is to review the benefits of 6G services.

The second group comprises researchers from 37 universities and research institutions. The team will study the technical section of the 6G service and provide the necessary advice.

Huawei announced in September that it had begun work on 6G services. However, it is still a long time to get a 6G commercial because it is just the startup process.

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