Amazon Chairman is Suing the US military over the Deal

Amazon Chairman is suing the US military over the deal that Microsoft has been awarded.

Amazon chairman is taking legal action against the US military – a deal that Microsoft paid for The US has decided to digitize the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US military. For this, a contract of $ 10 billion The US-based multinationals Microsoft and Amazon applied for the deal.

While the deal was said to be available to Amazon, the Pentagon signed a deal with Microsoft. This came as a shock to Amazon. Amazon has accused the Pentagon of misappropriating the contract.

Amazon Chairman is Suing the US military over the Deal

Amazon is suing the Pentagon in Washington Court over the issue. Drew Hertner, a spokesman for the company, said: “Many aspects of the valuation process have flaws, errors, and ambiguities. These things need to be investigated and corrected. ”

The Pentagon, meanwhile, said the contract allocation has been done within the framework of the state’s legal programs, and that the Justice Department will review the case.

Microsoft said in a statement that it is confident that the investigation will reveal that Microsoft has fully complied with all of the terms and conditions required for the contract to be awarded after a proper review.

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