Coronavirus Memes-Lockdown Effect, 60% Increased Internet Usage

Coronavirus Memes: Lockdown Effect, 60% Increased Internet Usage, Monitoring for 10 Hours …

Coronavirus Memes epidemic affects all sectors. Economies are collapsing.

With the announcement of holidays for companies. People are using the Internet. Not so much .. With the increase in internet usage is affecting the server.

Some employees work from home.

60% higher ..Coronavirus Memes

Because the virus is restricted to everyone’s home .. What is not working, everyone is mobile, or lapi. What’s more is spending hours on the internet. Britain’s Internet service providers have identified double digit data usage.

It claims to be 60 percent more Internet-looking per day compared to the normal day. Vodafone, the leading telecom company, said people are using up to 50 percent of their mobile data.

In the ordinary days, the Internet is no longer in use, and the Internet is seeing an increase in the number of years.

Cisco Chief Technology Chief Chintan Patel said the problem was caused by the virus being restricted to the whole house.

Coronavirus Memes-Lockdown Effect, 60% Increased Internet Usage

Netflix said that the demand is coming from customers.

For this purpose companies like Netflix and Disney are working to reduce their bandwidth and reduce video quality.

Usually use internet for 4 hours a day. He said that they are currently experiencing web traffic, but if the situation goes on, they will have trouble. The Internet says that neurons work with connecting points. If you cut a part of it .. the other part is working.

Reduce quality …

Experts said that with the use of the Internet, streaming and video conferencing are becoming more and more stressful.

EU Commissioner Thiani Breton said that the companies should seek to reduce the quality of streaming and video.

Already, companies like Netflix, Google and Amazon have been asked. Sony has already said that they will follow suit.

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