Huawei Company Breaks Down US Trade – 20 Million Smartphones Sold in short period

Huawei has sold over 20 million smartphones in a short span of time to break the US trade barrier.

Huawei company Chinese smartphone has sold over 20 million smartphones. Huawei has passed such units in a very short period of time. Huawei’s report on smartphone sales, released on behalf of Huawei, shows that Huawei is not affected by the US trade embargo.

Huawei Consumer Business Group has surpassed 20 crore units in sales this year, 64 days ahead of last year’s sales. Huawei is expected to retain second place in the smartphone market due to aggressive sales.

As the announcement of Huawei smartphone sales has been announced, no information has been given as to how many smartphones the company has sold. Experts had predicted that after the US embargo was lifted, Huawei’s company sales would decline.

Huawei seems to be selling more smartphones this year than it did last year, however, ignoring the experts’ prediction. Huawei Enterprise devices are introduced with sophisticated technologies. New Huawei P30 and Mate 30 Series has been named as the leading company in the photo segment in smartphones.

Huawei Company Breaks Down US Trade - 20 Million Smartphones Sold in short period

In addition, the IFA held last month. Huawei company unveiled the world’s first unique 5G chipset at the event. Huawei reports that this chipset will be offered in the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G model. Huawei has also announced a commemorative edition of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G model.

8 GB of Limited Edition Smartphone RAM, 512 GB Memory is provided. This smartphone comes with vegan leather in Forest Green and Orange colors. Its sale in China starts on November 1st.

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