Mobile Safe Follow these 6 tips and Do Not Press Allow

Mobile Safe Follow these 6 tips and Do Not Press Allow

Mobile has thousands of benefits. You can stay connected with your friends and relatives all the time. Until now, all the work that was done with a laptop, now it is possible with multimedia mobile too. But is it completely mobile safe? What kind of threats can mobile consumers face? Let’s take a look at it.

Mobile Safe with Virus?

Mobile viruses are a major challenge. Most multimedia phones can be victims of mobile viruses. Viruses can harm mobiles in many ways. If you use an application and the security coding of that application is lacking, then all the data on your mobile can be stolen. In addition, viruses can harm your mobile by attacking the operating system.

This is the same as with a desktop computer software or operating system. Sometimes a virus is also sent as a message. Opening such messages can lead to a mobile crash.

What is Bluejacking?

Bluetooth is a technology through which information is exchanged by establishing a Bluetooth enabled mobile or computer connection within a range of 10 meters. Without a name, sending unsolicited indecent messages via Bluetooth to someone’s laptop or mobile is called bluejacking. This is usually via a virus that adds a new contact to your phone book.

Then it sends business cards to all the Bluetooth enabled mobiles or computers nearby. As soon as someone accepts it, this contact also gets added to his contact list. Although data theft may not be caused by bluejacking, if bluejacking is used to send obscene messages or advertisements, it can become a headache. The solution to avoid this is very easy. Just disable your Bluetooth and you will be safe from bluejacking.

What is Bluesnarfing?

Bluesnarfing is also a technique that works only through Bluetooth. For example, if your mobile is synced with your laptop, all the information (pictures, messages, contacts, and videos, etc.) of your mobile will be safe on your laptop without you doing anything. But if this information is synced to an unwanted computer, it is called blue snarfing.

This mostly happens to those who use Bluetooth handsets or other Bluetooth gadgets connected to the mobile frequently. To avoid this, we should put our Bluetooth in the “Undiscoverable” mode. By doing this, our mobile will be connected to the Bluetooth gadgets that we want and the rest of the Bluetooth devices will not be able to find our mobile on the Bluetooth network.

Is Wi-Fi – Secret Information is at Risk

Wireless lanes or what we also call Wi-Fi can also be a dangerous means of stealing secret information. These wireless signals do not have much range. It works in any one house or office or hall. But it is very easy to enter this Wi-Fi network illegally. If appropriate security is not taken and once someone enters this Wi-Fi network, then all the information being exchanged through this network can be shared.

Is Mobile Safe with Email-Virus?

Most of all smartphones are prone to viruses. Today, we all like to see our mail on our smartphone, but many times there are many viruses associated with e-mails that come on our mobile with a single click. We are also called Trojans. This Trojan can also erase all applications and data on our smartphone.

Worms, spyware, and Trojans

Bluetooth exchanges, infrared exchanges or MMS Worms, spyware, or Trojans travel from one mobile to another easily. Warm work is to slow down your mobile so that no work can be done on it. The only cure left to cure it is to be a formatted mobile. At the same time, spyware transmits information about every activity done on your mobile or on the person who has programmed it.


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