Vodafone Idea News Lost 3.6 Crores Customers In India

Vodafone Idea has lost 3.6 crore customers in the Indian telecom market, Troy said in a statement.

Vodafone Idea News

The total number of telephone lines (cellphone + landline) in India as of the end of November 2019 was 117.58 crore. This is 2.40% lower than the previous month. Let us take a look at the report by the Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (Troy) on telephone lines.

The total number of telephone connections in the first month of the current financial year was 118.38 crore. This number is fluctuating every month and the total number of telephone connections in November declined to 117.58 crores. This is a decline of 2.40% compared to the previous month.

Vodafone Idea News Lost 3.6 Crores Customers In India

In the month of November, the number of cellphone connections in urban areas was 66.60 crore. 68.17 crore in October. In the villages, these links (from 52.32 crores) to 50.99 crores. The total number of cell phone connections is 115.44 crore.

Reliance Jio’s merger continues to grow. In November, Jio will offer 56 lakh new connections. Next is BSNL from the public sector. 3.41 lakh connections. Bharti Airtel has over 16.5 lakh connections. Vodafone also lost 3.64 crore connections.

Vodafone idea share news today

The number of broadband connections increased by 2.67 percent to 66.13 crores in November. 64.41 crore in the previous month. Reliance Jio has a maximum of 37.07 crore connections.

Next, Bharti Airtel (13.99 crores), Vodafone (11.99 crores), BSNL. (2.25 crores). The total market share of the top 5 companies is 98.99 percent based on broadband connections.

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